TCPUD Celebrating 85 Years of Service

Posted: October 31, 2023 | Category: General

The Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD) was established in 1938 under the State of California's Public Utility District Act, making it the oldest local government office in the Tahoe Basin. It was founded with the goal of providing public water service to the community. Since then, TCPUD has become actively involved in parks and recreation, starting in 1947 when the public expressed interest in improving the maintenance and public access for Commons Beach. TCPUD also began operating the Tahoe City sewer system in 1952 and, in the early 1960s, began providing parks and recreation services following a request from the community. TCPUD's founders' foresight in choosing a form of government that can provide multiple types of service has enabled TCPUD to take on more responsibilities and services for the community.


TCPUD continues to be an essential part of the amazing Tahoe City community, and its dedicated team is committed to upholding the Core Values and providing exceptional service to inspire a healthy mountain community. The team at TCPUD is fueled by their passion to make a difference through public service and look forward to continuing to serve the community in the future!