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About Us

What We Are

The Tahoe City Public Utility District was founded in 1938 to provide some of the governmental needs of the residents of Tahoe City. It is the oldest local government in the Tahoe Basin and was formed initially to provide public water service to the local community. Established under the State of California's Public Utility District Act, the founders of the District chose a form of government that could provide multiple types of services.

What We Do

Sewer collection, parks facilities, and recreation services are provided for the entire area of the District. Water service is provided in five separate systems and serves approximately half of the homes and businesses in the District.
  • Water customers – 5,726
  • Sewer customers – 7,540
  • Parks for over 1,000,000 visitors and residents
  • Recreation to 75,250 users

Where We Provide Service

The boundaries of the District lie within both Placer and El Dorado Counties, extending from Emerald Bay to Dollar Hill, and along the Truckee River to the Nevada County line. The service area is very large, encompassing over 31 square miles.

How We Do It

Tahoe City Public Utility District is governed by a five person elected Board of Directors. These Directors determine the policies and set the agenda for the District. The Board appoints a General Manager who oversees the day to day operations of the District. In addition, the Board forms special citizen advisory committees when complicated issues need more community outreach or focused study. Under the direction of General Manager Sean Barclay, 48 full time employees, and up to 40 seasonal employees provide the listed services. Employees serve in four departments: Utilities; Parks & Recreation; Engineering; and Governance and Support Services. View our five year strategic plan.

The Annual Budget

Tahoe City Public Utility District is on a calendar-year (January 1 – December 31) budget cycle. Each fall the Board of Directors adopts a budget that is used for the following year. The annual operating expense budget adopted for 2018 is $12,012,490. The capital budget for 2018 is $18,442,430 and $2,101,8782 of this is grant funded. The balance of which is funded through district funds and loans.

The Revenue

Tahoe City Public Utility District uses property tax, user fees, grants, and interest income to provide its services.

Board Members

John Pang, President
Dan Wilkins, Vice President
Judy Friedman
Scott Zumwalt
Ron Treabess

Board Meetings

The Board meets the third Friday of each month at 8:30am.


In the District Office Board Room at 221 Fairway Drive. Please see "Agenda" link for exact dates.




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